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The history of an inn rich in tradition

Our history

Gasthaus zur "Sonne"

We have been active in gastronomy in Starnberg for 65 years. The inn today is run by Robert and Christine Scholler, the third generation of the Scholler family. It’s not clear when the inn received the name “zur Sonne”. But we do know that there had been an inn with a butcher’s shop here on this very spot some decades before our family took over the enterprise. Let’s take a quick look at the chronology.

As early as 1862 a coachman built what is now the main house. This was sold shortly afterwards and the new owners for the first time ran it as an inn. It seems to have been popular even in its early years, because in 1885 no less a person than the then Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph I, husband of the Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”, who grew up in Possenhofen by the Starnberger See), stayed here. Even today there is wooden panelling dating from a later time as a reminder of the so-called “Kaiserplatz“.

1885 – 1924
Around the turn of the century the inn changed owners several times, but continued to be run as an inn. At times, the historic Starnberg brewery ran the business, serving Starnberger beer. About 100 years later, Starnberger beer (now sourced from the Starnberg brewery) is once more served in the Gasthaus zur “Sonne“ along with Hacker-Pschorr beer specialities.

1925 – 1955
The Summer family take over the inn and run it for a good 40 years. Along with the inn, they run a butcher’s shop, just like today, and serve the best Hacker-Pschorr Helles on draft.

The inn is transferred to Alois Scholler. The master butcher and son of a Lower Bavarian farming family now runs the business together with Maria Scholler. Before, each of them had leased their own inn and butcher’s shop in Maisach and in Fürstenfeldbruck. Looking for a business of their own, they came across the Gasthaus zur “Sonne“ in Starnberg. This was opened on the 15th January 1956.

The son Alois and his wife Margarete Scholler take over the inn and butcher’s shop as the 2nd generation. They decide together that they would convert all the living accommodation next to the main house into guest rooms.

In a large-scale conversion, the old alleyway tavern is finally removed and the bar in the inn renewed. The business and the shop are rearranged. The guest lounge gets its present floor plan and traditional, charming design, which we have kept right up to the present day.

Since 2006
Robert and Christine Scholler are the third generation to run the Gasthaus zur “Sonne“ – Metzgerei Scholler. They honour Bavarian tradition and ensure the well-being of their guests with top quality and Bavarian hospitality.